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5 Common Grooming Mistakes Made by Professionals
Professional dog groomers don't always get everything right. Here are the most common problems to watch for.
Scissoring Techniques for Poodle Grooming
In the art of grooming the most artistic component is the scissoring work. A perfect finish can only be achieved through skillfully applied scissoring. The true professional groomer is set apart from the novice by the skill of scissoring.
How Do I Become a Professional Pet Groomer?
As the demand for Professional Dog Groomers increases, there are more and more people looking for information on how to become a Professional Pet Groomer. This article is designed to give you some options on how you may wish to proceed in getting your pet grooming education.
How NOT To Groom Your Dog
If only I would have had it on video when my sister-in-law and I got out the dog grooming trimmers and made a brave attempt at being dog groomers. We could have either made a "how not to video" or sent it into Funniest Home Videos and made quite a profit.
How To Cut A Dog's Nails Without The Blood, Sweat and Tears!
How to cut a dog's nails is one of the most frequently asked question when it comes to grooming dogs. Knowing how to cut a dog's nails is so important and if you're wondering how to trim a dog's nails - you need look no further. As usual, we've done all the research for you and presented you with a step by step guide on this delicate procedure.
Groomer Spell For Skunk Smell
If only a magic spell existed to rid our pets of skunk smell. Unfortunately, there is no such thing. But there are a few grooming tricks that will somewhat reduce your pet's odorous state.
Being Your Dog's Boss is Crucial to Training
Dogs, in their native state, are pack animals. We often think of them merely as independent pups and don't often mull over their unchallengeable core nature as pack animals, however. This failure to take into account the true personality of dogs can make training more complex. Similarly, understanding what it means to be a pack animal can unlock one of training's utmost secrets.
No License Necessary To Be A Pet Groomer
Did you know that right now in the grooming industry in the United States, no prior education requirements or examination process exists to become a groomer? That means that anyone can set up a card table in their basement, buy a pair of Wal-Mart clippers and hang their shingle out as a "groomer." For the animals' sake, this is a frightening concept, as grooming obviously deals with living, breathing creatures.
How to Choose a Veterinarian
Choosing a veterinarian: Where do you start and what do you look for?
Tips for Frustrated Dog Owners
Dogs can be extremely frustrating at times. Remembering these key things can help you get through those times.
Thing To Consider When Buying A Cat
Before you go out and actually get that cat, here are a few things you need to know.
The Benefits of Training, Socialization, and Exercise
I would like to share my professional opinion on the benefits of training. Through training you will build a strong lifelong bond between you and your dog. A well-behaved dog is more likely to become an active member of your family.
Groom Your Cat To Avoid Hairballs - Kitty Will Love You For It
As loving cat owners we hate to think that our beloved pets are feeling unwell.
Extend Your Dog's Life Using These Simple Grooming Tips
Want to help your dog live a long and healthy life? Read about these easy-to-follow dog grooming tips that will help extend your pet's life. These simple tips will give your dog a healthier appearance and more youthful spirit.