Big Sky Pet Spa owner once trained Pet Smart groomers

Laura LaBelle knows her dogs are treated well when she takes them to be groomed at the Big Sky Pet Spa because they get excited to go there.

In fact, they like going to the groomer so much that they are OK with going to the vet at Big Sky Animal Medical Center, which is in the same building.

“That really is a testimony to how well she handles the animals,” LaBelle said.

Kristl Pitman started the pet grooming business about a year ago.

She was working in Nebraska, Boston and Florida when Dr. Rick Scherr, who owns Big Sky Animal Medical Center, asked her to open up shop in his building.

Pitman got her start in grooming because she wanted to work with animals and one of her friends was a groomer.

“I begged and begged and begged for a job,” she said.

Eventually she got the job, and later worked for PetSmart traveling to the chain’s locations and training groomers.

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