Closer Look: Lucky Dog Grooming

Cutting hair sounds like an easy job, but at most salons the clients’ bark is worse than their bite. At Lucky Dog, they can both be pretty bad.

For a year, Lucky Dog Grooming has been transforming dogs from mangey to manicured.

“It’s really rewarding to see a scruffy dog come in, and then a nice-looking one leave,” owner Jeff Kikkert said. “A lot of what we do looks easy, but simple things like brushing and cutting can be really tricky, and you don’t know unless you’ve done it.”

Before opening Lucky Dog, one of the first challenges Kikkert faced was simply finding a location that would allow animals.

“Dogs can be really hard on property, so I searched for about six months before I found a landlord that would agree to the use,” Kikkert said. “They were also nervous I was a startup business and maybe not a reliable tenant.”

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