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Bathing, nail trimming, teeth cleaning, ear care and breed-specific grooming techniques are best learned by doing. For this reason, prospective animal groomers should enroll in programs that offer ample opportunity for hands-on experience. Some of the best grooming schools run their own pet salon where students can train under the supervision of an instructor. A school salon that services a large volume of both pure-bred animals and mixed breeds will generally offer students the best training for a career in animal grooming.

Programs in Animal Grooming

School Selection Criteria

Additional information to keep in mind when selecting a good grooming program include the following:

  • Comprehensive programs should entail coursework covering animal anatomy, psychology and behavior.
  • Students interested in running their own salon or mobile grooming service should look for programs offering small business courses.
  • Some schools offer evening and weekend courses for students needing a flexible schedule.
  • Students seeking greater education and job opportunities should earn an associate’s degree in animal science with a grooming concentration; credits may transfer to a bachelor’s degree.


Associate’s degree programs or courses, typically involving several hundred hours of instruction, are common ways of learning how to be an animal groomer. Hands-on training is important as well, and good programs should offer plenty of opportunity for practical experience. There are animal grooming programs across the country, with options to suit a variety of career and lifestyle needs.