False nails are the cat”s pyjamas

Maureen Truscott splashed out on her first set of fake fingernails last month, but her cat has donned hot pink claw extensions for years.

Tandy, a stylish puss with a nasty temper, had a penchant for attacking humans and furniture, which sorely tested Truscott’s patience.

The 14-year-old British tortoiseshell with a “dangerous cat” label on her vet file was banned by several vets and a pet groomer after they were on the receiving end of her ferocity.

“And we’ve had one lounge suite trashed by her,” Truscott says.

Three years ago, the Canterbury woman stumbled on the fake pet claw concept, called Soft Claws, on the internet. She imported some from the United States because they were unavailable in New Zealand.

The vinyl claw caps are glued on to a cat’s or dog’s clipped nails, covering the sharp tips and making them useless as weapons of destruction. The cat’s ability to climb is unaffected and they last about three months, shedding as nails grow.

“They are just fantastic,” raves Truscott.

AdvertisementAdvertisement”The vet is very happy that she’s got paw covers. And we can now groom her without being torn to pieces.

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