Groomer, Poodle Turn Coats and Heads

Nobody primps their poodle quite like Sandy Hartness.

From a six-time People’s Choice champion to her multiple appearances on the cover of Groomer to Groomer magazine to her award-winning Cock-a-Poodle-Doo creation, Hartness is firmly entrenched as the country’s “top dog” in creative grooming.

“I know other people that would say that, but I’m more humble,” the 36-year-old Hartness said about the accolades that have come her way. “I think there are some people out there that are better than me. I’d love to get into a competition with them all.”

Creative grooming is the anything-goes, no-holds-barred practice of cutting, dyeing, twisting and sculpting dogs’ coats, transforming your pet from an ordinary canine into colorful, extravagant representation of, well, just about anything.

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