Hard work has groomed her skills

Frodo stands patiently waiting for Susie Andelt to cut his hair. He trembles slightly as Andelt snips, trims and buffs his hair and nails.

This day, Frodo, a black miniature poodle with white beard and chest, is getting a teddy bear trim – nothing drastic – just a little off the top. It’s enough to make him cute, fuzzy and cuddly.

As Frodo gets his final spritz of cologne, Andelt checks the dryer – several cages with forced warm air – where two cats and two small dogs are waiting their turn. She fluffs their coats, checking for any remaining damp spots.

Andelt, a certified master groomer, grooms about eight dogs and cats a day, with the occasional rabbit or guinea pig thrown in for good measure, primping and plumping fur to “show” quality. While most of the dogs and cats never will see the inside of a show ring, Andelt preens each as if they are destined for greatness.

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