Have groomer, will travel

There is no mistaking the van when it brakes alongside the entrance to the Takach driveway.

The customized white vehicle, emblazoned with smiling humans and healthy-looking dogs and the words ZoominGroomin in blue and Mobile Pet Spa in red, leaves little doubt about the reason for the visit.

In fact, it was because Carey Takach spotted the van on the road one day that she signed on with the mobile pet groomer. That and the coupon her sister had passed along to her.

“It’s a huge convenience,” Carey’s husband Eric said, noting the couple had, until recently, been taking their dogs Baylee and Rylee to a groomer in Seekonk.

The groomer treated the dogs well, Carey said, but between the travel time, the amount of time the dogs were at the groomer, and Rylee’s shyness, the work-at-home couple felt it is worth the additional expense to have a groomer come to them.

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