Marendale now offers Dog Grooming in Sydney

Dog grooming is not just a luxury for a canine companion; it is also a vital health requirement. At Marendale Dog Boarding, they now offer professional Dog Grooming in Sydney. The first thing to understand about dog grooming is that it is a lot more than ensuring

that a dog has a fine healthy coat. Dog grooming is not simply an aesthetic bonus for a canine friend. It is more than keeping the coat and skin clean and healthy, it also involves looking after the dog’s nails, eyes and ears.

Dog grooming is a program of dog health care that covers the entire life span of a dog. If Dog Grooming is ignored it can be a costly proposition for pet owners. At Marendale, the dog grooming service in Sydney is carried out in their state of the art dog grooming facility by an experienced dog groomer. A pet may have a grooming appointment while holidaying with Marendale, or while the pet owner goes shopping.

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