The new mobile groomer comes to pet”s door

How does being massaged, primped and pampered sound to you? Now imagine comfort like that just outside your door.

Animal lover Mark Heminway has set up a new business to do just that — for dogs, cats, rabbits and other small animals.

Aussie Pet Mobile, WestConn started running last fall and the well-equipped van travels throughout western Fairfield catering to all pet grooming needs.

Bonnie Lawrence is the full time groomer for the pet mobile and has many years of experience with animals, including cat rescue. She keeps up with all the latest grooming techniques and caringly applies them to her pet-clients.

“This is such a great concept; animals don’t get stressed out in here because there are no other pets around to distract them,” she said.

The one-to-one relationship makes the whole process easier; pets are more relaxed and tend to bond quickly with their groomer.

Grooming the animals can take up to two hours, depending on their needs. “I do a lot with them, including brushing, taking out their knots, trimming their fur, cleaning their ears and clipping their nails — all before bathing” Ms. Lawrence said.

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