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Clientele can be unpredictable at salon for dogs and cats

The Spoiled Rotten Pet Salon certainly earns its name. Washing, blow-drying, nail polishing and bow adornments are all part of the pampering for the dogs, cats and even bunnies who visit there. As a pet professional, Carfi often feels compelled to educate her customers. Many times she feels that people don't know enough about their pets. Dalmatians, for example, are very high maintenance, and cocker spaniels are prone to ear infections. She recommends learning about breeds before getting them. "Every single breed has a Web site ... full of descriptions and pictures," she says. The job she enjoys so much can be tiring and, on occasion, dangerous. She recalls an incident with a rottweiler when, "I held his foot and he kicked me with so much force, like that of a horse, and yanked my arm back and pulled ... I'm just healing after a year and a half."

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