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Coiffured pooches get custom care

Reporter's note: I first met Desiree Eddleman on Sept. 21 when she was preparing dogs for evacuation. The stress level was high both inside the shop and outside in the area.

Now it's six months later and Eddleman is still taking care of business, and dogs.

Odie the Pomeranian is a bit of a sly dog.

When the pooch visits The Pampered Pet for his regular grooming, he grins, but his “mother” has yet to see him smile.

Desiree Eddleman, owner of the business, tells the story of the grinning dog and about life as a pet groomer.

During grooming, the dogs their toenails snipped, a bath, a bathroom break, a blow dry or hand dry, their fur/hair cut and styled and leave the business with their toenails painted and sometimes ribbons in their hair.

But the work is not easy. Groomers such as Eddleman have to have a good deal of knowledge about breeds, what judges look for in competition, the health of the dog and have a keen feel for what the dog is going through emotionally.

“You have to know about each breeds skin, coats and ears,” Eddleman said. “A lot of people don't realize that doing a dogs toenails is stressful for the dogs.”

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