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Hard work has groomed her skills

Frodo stands patiently waiting for Susie Andelt to cut his hair. He trembles slightly as Andelt snips, trims and buffs his hair and nails. This

Pet groomer adds color to dogs” lives

Just walking into a room, Sally turns heads. It’s hard not to stare at the Australian shepherd’s cotton-candy-colored coat. Wherever she roams, the well-mannered pooch

Dog washes make a splash

Maureen Lafferty is anti-fur. Anti-fur in her tub. Anti-fur on her towels. And anti-fur in the drain. That’s why she and the one big ball

Groomer, Poodle Turn Coats and Heads

Nobody primps their poodle quite like Sandy Hartness. From a six-time People’s Choice champion to her multiple appearances on the cover of Groomer to Groomer

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