Noah”s Ark brings grooming to pet area owners” homes

Stephanie Anderson’s version of Noah’s Ark has four wheels.

And if Scruffy or Fluffy need to be cleaned and groomed, she’ll come to you … suds and all.

Anderson pulled the stakes up from her brick-and-mortar business, Noah’s Ark Pet Grooming, 129 N. Broadway, De Pere, earlier this year after operating out of that location for eight years.

Anderson formerly lived in Arizona and saw that mobile pet grooming was popular.

In fact, it was a neighbor, an owner of a mobile pet grooming service, who encouraged Anderson to seek a job washing animals to get her first experience in pet grooming. She was hired quickly and eventually managed that shop for four years before returning to the area and starting her own business. (She is a 1989 graduate of Pulaski High School.)

“I started my shop with $5,000 and worked two other part-time jobs to get it going,” she said.

It didn’t take long before she could devote her full energies toward her business.

“It was like six months and I was able to quit my other jobs, but I was very determined to make it work.”

After eight years, though, she was looking for something that offered a bit more flexibility.

Instead of being tied down to business during set hours, she can make her own hours.

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