Pets are both stars, visitors at Pet Expo this weekend

Pets posing with Santa, dogs jumping off docks into a pool of water, pigs racing for hot dogs and homeless dogs getting grooming makeovers are some of the featured events at the fourth annual Pittsburgh Pet Expo today and tomorrow at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Downtown.

Perhaps the most popular feature in past expos has been the bring-your-pets policy. Last year about 10,000 people attended, and people who showed up without their own dogs seemed to be the exception rather than the rule. A small percentage showed up with cats or ferrets. All pets must be leashed or in carrying cases or crates. Most pet owners opt for leashes.

The quality and quantity of “freebie” handouts also have been a hit with pet owners. A total of 94 vendors will attend this year — up from 79 last year. Many of them hand out free items, including pet food, pet treats, and pet items.

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