Potential Deadly Dangers Of Pet Groomers

In an investigation, the CBS 3 I-Team uncovers people in the Delaware Valley who are accidentally killing dogs, and what’s even more surprising is their jobs are to pamper them.

Pet groomers are responsible to watch over and protect your pet until you return. However, as CBS 3 Investigative Reporter Jim Osman discovered, some owners are returning to pick up a world of heartache.

Maryanne Showalter of Doylestown visits the backyard grave where she buried her two dogs, Puggy and Zoey.

“Yeah it’s hard but at least they are here,” said Showalter.

However, it’s how they died at a pet groomer that bothers Showalter the most.

“I was yelling what happened, what happened and they said they had been put in a cage and the dryer was left on,” said Showalter.

For 45 minutes

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