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Author: Remi

Tick season bad for people, pets

Melissa Wheatley still grimaces a little when she tells the story. About 10 years ago, a dog owner from Oak View brought his Australian shepherd

Dirty dogs get a new place

Do you have a mangy mutt or a messy mouser? Heavenly Houndz Pet Grooming can solve your most vexing animal beauty problems. Holly Leggott welcomed

C’mon, let’s get catty

More tidbits about cats: You’ve probably seen your kitty washing itself several times a day, but if it is like most cats, it will appreciate,

Pooch pamperer

Good golly Miss Molly is getting a makeover. She went the whole nine yards — hair cut, relaxing bath, nail trim and even some new

House full of dogs

When Erika Angell opens the door to her house and walks in, she instantly has several paws reaching for her legs, tongues lapping at her

Pet groomer tracks down lost animals

Editor’s note: Times-Picayune photographer Susan Poag took pictures of Patricia Bateman and her family days after Hurricane Katrina as they tried to save several pets

Treats to treatments

Longing for a massage, but don’t want to leave your pet behind? Then bring it along for a massage, too. That’s the philosophy behind two

Mrs. Mobile Pet Grooming

Owner: Danielle Dennis What: A pet grooming service that comes to the customer’s home. Pets – dogs, cats and other critters, too – get one-on-one

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