Dog and Cat Grooming Advice for Pet Owners

Even pets deserve a little pampering to keep their coats shining and nails perfectly trimmed. At the Dog and Cat Grooming Salon of The Healthy Dog Store, these services and more are offered to make animals look as good as they feel.

Bonnie Peregoy, a groomer at the salon and owner of the store, was apprenticed as a groomer in 1973. She produced “The Power of Positive Training,” a series of dog training videos featuring Ted Turner, Leslie Nelson and Patty Ruzzo, and is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. Bonnie is also a member of the National Dog Groomers Association of America and was a featured speaker at the 2006 Groom Expo.

For all the shedding breeds, the best approach to live with this normal fact of life is to give your dog a regular bath and brushing, in addition to the daily brushing, and more importantly combing, that they need. We use several different tools on the shedding breeds, and we use them all on each dog, so you may need some more equipment, including a slicker brush, a shedding comb, and a shedding rake. NO SINGLE tool will accomplish the task by itself. All combs and rakes are not created equal- – the cheaper ones that you may buy from the “big box” stores, or discount stores, will have “tines” that are actually too thick (although they may look the same to your eye)

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