For the dogs: a pleasant hour at a beauty shop on the go

You must be Boots,” Theresa Harvey says warmly to the squirmy, chocolate-brown rottweiler mix at her feet.

Harvey steps down from her large white van into Boots’ yard. The dog moves back and forth happily, wagging her tail with curiosity and anticipation.

Boots’ owners try to give her the grooming she needs, but they don’t like leaving her at kennels for hours in a cage. This is where Harvey steps in.

From the outside, Harvey’s vehicle is a simple white van with a few decorative paw prints. But inside, Harvey has a full arsenal of puppy beautification products: a bathtub, grooming table, soaps and perfumes and a drawer filled with supplies.

Harvey is a mobile pet groomer. To make life easier for pet owners and more enjoyable for the dogs, Harvey travels around Augusta County giving dogs an hour of beauty. Harvey’s main goal in starting the business was to bring the services to the customer, not the other way around.

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