Going to the dogs

Over the course of her career as a barber, Donna Worstall’s customers have gone from two legs to four.

The Bristol resident owns Digger Dogs pet grooming business on Mill Street in the borough. She cuts hair and nails and bathes her four-legged customers. And, she said, she pampers her dogs just like she pampered the men who were her customers when she ran a barber shop from her Bristol Township home.

Instead of keeping her canine customers in cages while they’re awaiting service, she said she lets them walk around the shop and play with the other dogs. In fact, she said, many of the dogs have formed friendships and even cliques.

“My dogs look forward to coming to the shop because they know they’re going to see friends,” she said. “It’s just like a regular barber shop. My dogs don’t just get groomed. They hang out with each other. They talk to each other. It’s fun to watch.

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