Mrs. Mobile Pet Grooming

Owner: Danielle Dennis

What: A pet grooming service that comes to the customer’s home. Pets – dogs, cats and other critters, too – get one-on-one attention in a specially outfitted van. Grooming includes bath and a hair trim if needed, a nail trimming, an ear cleaning and for dogs that need it, anal gland expressing. Groomers also can provide tooth brushing and “the FURminator special”: groomers use a special brush that removes shedding hair from a dog’s undercoat.

Founded: In 1994 when Dennis and her husband were searching for a small business she could manage while raising her children.

Employees: Dennis employs one full-time and one part-time groomer. She’d like to hire another but she said it’s difficult to find experienced, reliable groomers. Those in the business typically learn by attending a grooming school or by hands-on training with experienced groomers

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