New pet grooming business opens in Orscheln’s Plaza

When stay-at-home mom Lisa Simmons started her pet grooming business, her goal was to make pet ownership easier for the residents of Kearney. Her new business, The Family Pet, in the Orscheln’s Plaza offers full grooming services, U-wash services and all natural nutritional treats and food. Simmons said that it was important for people to know that rural pets required extra attention because they were exposed to more outside things and often had allergies that pets closer to the city would not have.

Simmons recently answered some questions about her new business. Here is what she had to say:

Q: What makes your business an important asset to Kearney residents?

A: There are a lot of large and small pets in this area. My business provides pet owners options as far as pricing, services and quality. A pet owner can come in and have more control because our services range so broadly. There’s also the added benefit of socializing the animal, which makes them better well behaved.

Q: Why did you start this business?

A: Out of pure need. Another groomer had closed their doors, and the community had a need for a quality, trustworthy, experienced groomer. I love my job; I love being around the animals and interacting with their owners. It’s a fun job to come to every day.

Q: Where did you get your training?

A: Grooming is a trade just like woodworking or something else. I worked under another professional groomer. I’ve been grooming for seven years, and I am certified with the National Dog Groomers Association. I also attend grooming trade shows so that I can learn new techniques and see what new things are out there.

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