On-the-go grooming services cater to out-of-time customers

With gasoline around $4 a gallon and diesel even higher, it might not seem like the best time to put your business on wheels. It takes a lot of fuel to lug an oil-change center or a pet-grooming service across the Louisville metro area. So why make house calls when you can make your customers come to you?

Because mobile services represent the future, said Kevin Lauck, 37, who put his Aussie Pet Mobile franchise into gear March 17 and delivers grooming services to homes and businesses.

“Let’s face it. People are busier than ever before,” Lauck said. “It’s not unusual for people to be talking to someone on their cell phone between picking up one child from practice and taking another to a Scout meeting.”

“When you’re that busy, what sounds better — one call to someone like Aussie Pet Mobile or making two hectic trips to the groomer” to drop off and then pick up a pet?

On-the-go businesses may have special expenses to deal with — outfitting their rolling workplaces, fuel and travel time. But there are also potential savings on rent and utilities. And if the mobile service charges a premium, customers seem to understand that they’re paying extra for the convenience, Lauck said.

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