Pet groomer adds color to dogs” lives

Just walking into a room, Sally turns heads.

It’s hard not to stare at the Australian shepherd’s cotton-candy-colored coat. Wherever she roams, the well-mannered pooch becomes a moving billboard for her owner’s dog-grooming business.

Amazement is the most common reaction, said owner Brooke Calhoun.

“For some reason, they all just have to touch her,” added Calhoun, a Billings dog groomer who dyes pets in colors nature never intended.

Dana Pulis, who is working on Calhoun’s new business logo, tested a dye job on her dog, a white-and-liver-colored Brittany spaniel named Madison.

Because Pulis’ family has raised Brittany spaniels for field trials for 30 years, Pulis worried a bit about the reaction she might get from her father and her brother. The dog’s hot-pink color caused a bit of a stir when Madison tagged along on a bicycle ride of her husband, David. He cut short the ride, afraid gawking motorists might cause an accident.

Since then, he has walked Madison mainly after dark.

When he runs across fellow hunters, he quickly points out that the pink dye was his wife’s idea.

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