Pooch pamperer

Good golly Miss Molly is getting a makeover. She went the whole nine yards — hair cut, relaxing bath, nail trim and even some new duds to wear home.

And she could walk less than nine yards to the state-of-the-art salon parked across the street.

But Molly really wasn’t that excited about her new do and makeover. She is a 2-year-old schnauzer who walked in the door of Bark and Park a little fur ball and came out ready to star in a Disney movie.

Gloria and Mike Evers own the grooming salon on wheels that boasts all the amenities of a people spa. The converted van is equipped with air conditioning in the summer, LP heat in the winter, a hot water heater, electric grooming table, bathtub and power vacuum.

Mind you, this is all in a space that can comfortably hold one adult and a dog or cat.

Gloria Evers had been a stay-at-home mom. A little more than a year ago she decided to go back to work but she wanted to be her own boss.

As Evers shaved Molly she told the story of what led her to her current profession.

“A couple of years ago our indoor dog… ran away from home because she was afraid of fireworks,” Evers explained. They found her at the Clinton Humane Society and Evers described her pet as an absolute mess.

“I knew nothing about grooming at the time so I called my regular groomer and she was booked up for six or eight weeks,” she said. Evers continued to call other groomers but got the same story.

“The light bulb went off and I thought maybe there was room for another groomer in the area.”

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