Pups rule with a mobile groomer

Chloe just has too much hair.

Even if she tries to clean it, she can’t do a thing with it.

And since she’s getting on in years, it’s even harder.

Yes, Chloe is one hairy cat, and owner Sharon Killen of Rochester Hills has to turn to professional groomers for help.


The thing is, like most every other kitty, she gets nervous when she’s

Then she heard about Pupwardly Mobile pet grooming, owned by Berkley resident Amy Shelp.

“I loved the idea that someone would come to your house,” said Killen.

So now, three times a year, fair Chloe gets the works: bath, cut and full grooming, all in the privacy of a heated van. Killen can even be there to ease the stress the cat may be feeling.

For Shelp, her year-old mobile pet grooming business is a way to get out of the 9-to-5 grind she was working as an office manager and be near something she loves: animals.

Though she originally had designs on becoming a vet, she soon realized it wasn’t for her. Grooming “is great because it lets me work with, for the most part, healthy animals,” she said. “I don’t usually deal with the sick or dying.”

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