Thousands of Pet Groomer Job Openings in the U.S. Going Unfilled $40,000 Available in North America Pet Grooming Scholarship Program

Thousands of pet groomer job openings go unfilled year after year in the U.S., and the demand is growing. Major pet superstores like PetSmart and PETCO, and the smallest independent grooming operations, look to to help meet the industry’s chronic need for more groomers. The web site has published over 300,000 help wanted ads offering highly-skilled pet groomers up to $50,000 a year and benefits.

The American Pet Products Manufacturer Association’s 2006 Pet Spending Survey showed, “Pet spending has more than doubled from $17 billion in 1994 to an estimated $38.4 billion in 2006.” Of this amount, $2.7 billion is spent annually for “other services” which includes pet grooming.

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